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The stealth shovel is an example of simple refinements to an age old product greatly enhancing it’s usability.

stealth shovel detail
stealth shovel head

stealth shovel

The unique top blade of the stealth shovel functions to allow you to control the quantity and weight of materials carried which in turn allows you to carry materials around the house, garden and work place without spilling materials like you would with a traditional shovel. This controls the amount of force we place on our back when lifting loads and therefore reduces ergonomic risk factors. This also means you have the ability to shovel consistent amounts with each shovel load. The control of weight carried means light and easy usability for everybody including the elderly and young, aiding manoeuvring of materials such as mulches, soils, stone and composts.






reddot award winner

stealth shovel steel head
stealth shovel red dot design award winner
stealth shovel details unique top blade
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stealth shovel

stealth shovel no spills

traditional standard shovel

traditional shovel spilling bark