As a result from a study of the interaction between the real world and the 3D realm, mercury demonstrates the parallels between the virtual and the physical in a three dimensional structure. The usual method is to represent the physical in the 3D realm. The interplay between the physical and the virtual allow us to visualize and modify objects in 3D programs such as rhino and 3D studio max before manufacturing. Made from stainless steel, Mercury replicates movement in the 3D realm with its free flowing curves while the stainless steel structure represents the finish found in virtual programs. The mesh represents the 3d wire frame and the mirror face symbolises the rendered reflective finishes created in a 3d program to give the illusion of the physical world. The illusion of movement, replicating the capabilities you achieve with your mouse, is achieved through the highly polished finish that mirrors the movement of viewers as they move around the chair.